“Open Migrations” mix by antibl0ckiersystem


antibl0ckiersystem takes the audience on a voyage, visiting physical places with the ears, mixing public domain music & other open licensed sounds. During the opening night in Recyclart he brought his music to us using the open tool mixxx on kubuntu.

Chilling, having a drink, meeting up, discussing in Recyclart

Chilling, having a drink, meeting up, discussing in Recyclart

Listen to full soundtrack on <http://radiopanik.org/emissions/antiblockiersystem/abs19-12-2013>

Side A

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  2. Fortyone, “Hello, it’s Time for Music”, csr041, <https://archive.org/details/csr041>

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Side B

  1. Satanicpornocultshop, “-----”, Faust Re-cycled, <http://ergophizmiz.blogspot.be/2010/02/faust-recycled.html>

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