Home is a Server


Home is a server is a performative exercise for 32 people and 32 props, created by bolwerK and hosted by Marthe Van Dessel. Marthe is interested in building invisible structures. With bolwerK she organized performative events in Constant Variable, formerly called The Ever Mass Land. Now she is occupying a new home in Antwerp, looking for ways for it to become a server, creating local and international constellations.

In Home is a Server the actors execute in a very precise manner the different tasks a server is given, when one would like to publish the recipe for pancakes on a wiki. Of course humans will induce many variations in the repetition of tasks, which makes this exercise a great collective experience and performance.

General view



Read the live notes at <http://vj14.constantvzw.org/r/notes::saturday>

The necessary steps are taken to publish a recipe on a website and to execute it in the end: create a login, consecutively install ssh, a webserver, a wiki. Once the content is published, and if all goes well, all actors can taste a pancake at the end of the performance. Home is a Server is about mimicking computer functioning through human energy and towards a human goal (eating the pancake instead of just publishing its recipe online), transforming ourselves into CPU, data, kernel, hard drive, booting, rebooting, getting into Kernel Panick and finally managing to get through the difficulties of sending data out, making a wiki that eventually achieves the very physical process of making pancakes for the group during the full afternoon.

I was the sound card, a difficult task with quite a lot of freedom. With my portaphone I was having freedom of speech. I had to find a way to connect to the other parts of the functioning system, establish inner means of communications. Hence I ended up reporting what was happening on the inside, real time, stating the alerts.